Citizens Fund

The Citizens Fund of the Arlington Fire Charitable Group was set up with the citizen contact in mind.  AFD firefighters come in contact with people every day.  At times, they come across people that are in situations that may require some assistance. The Citizens helps to fill that gap by allowing our firefighters make purchases or requests to aid the citizens in need. 

These things are small gestures that really go a long way with helping people.  In the past, these purchases were made and there was no way for it to be paid back to the firefighter.  This fund allows the individual firefighters to help more people in the community and not worry about having to pull money from their own pockets.  This is done on an individual basis as requested by firefighters, and is generally not offered as a request from the public.

The requests are screened by the AFCG board members to ensure that they are within the guidelines of the program.  This fund has purchased numerous items such as car seats, tires, gas for a vehicle, just to name a few.

Giving to the Citizens Fund is not only tax deductible, but it helps keeps this program running smoothly, and allows our firefighters to make an even greater impact.

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