Big Changes in AFCG

We are simplifying.

In Fall 2018, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), which was formerly a project organization sponsored by Arlington Fire Charitable Group (AFCG), was fully absorbed into the AFCG. Their Board Members have joined the AFCG Board and the RAK is now known as the Citizens Fund.

Now, the Sisterhood of AFD, also a project organization sponsored by AFCG, is being fully absorbed and will be known as the Member Fund.

This is all great news, as is simplifies our organization and processes, improves the reach of all of the organizations, and strengthens the abilities of each of these noble missions. We are so optimistic about what 2019 has to offer this organization and what we can accomplish through our newly simplified and streamlined organization.

We will still be accomplishing our basic missions, and will still continue to need support from those in the AFD family and in the Arlington community. Please consider volunteering or giving.

Don’t forget: if you see a need, help us fill the need by notifying us.


With the change, you can continue to follow AFCG goings-on (both Citizen and Member Fund) through our AFCG Facebook page. GO LIKE US!

The Sisterhood of AFD Community Group will become the AFD Community Group (closed group) where we will continue to connect with each other and make known our needs and accomplishments. The Sisterhood of AFD Public Page will shadow post from AFCG and will eventually be archived.

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